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Course description

DL-101 General Course on Intellectual Property

This course provides an in-depth overview of the fundamentals of IP law and is considered as indispensable to pursue more advanced courses of study on specific areas of IP law. The DL-101 has been followed by over 300,000 participants since 2001. It has been customized by at least 15 WIPO Member States for local target audiences and languages as well as becoming part of the IP curricula in many universities worldwide. It is offered in the 6 WIPO UN languages and Portuguese. The Academy is striving to expand its reach by increasing the accessibility of this self-learning course so that print disabled persons could persue their educational objectives.


The Accessible DL-101 General Course on Intellectual Property is comprised of the following modules:
  • Module 1: Introduction to Intellectual Property
  • Module 2: Copyright
  • Module 3: Related Rights
  • Module 4: Trademarks
  • Module 5: Geographical Indications
  • Module 6: Industrial Design
  • Module 7: Patents
  • Module 8: WIPO Treaties
  • Module 9: Unfair Competition
  • Module 10: Protection of New Varieties of Plants
  • Module 11: Summary and Discussion on Intellectual Property Rights
  • Module 12: IP and Development - The WIPO Development Agenda
  • Special Module: The Marrakesh Treaty


An Attestation which confirms that you have downloaded and read the material in the DL-101 may be requested once you have completed the course.

The WIPO Academy is ready to receive your questions through its dedicated course administration mailbox.