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The Academy’s judicial training on intellectual property (IP) was developed by renowned judges representing different regions, legal traditions and experiences within the field of IP. The content includes IP topics that are particularly relevant to judges in developing countries, and cases that would be most useful to judges when applying their knowledge to court rulings.

Bassem Awad

Deputy Director for Intellectual Property and Innovation - Judge at the Appeal Court,
Toronto, Canada

Annabelle Bennett

Former Judge, Federal Court of Australia,
Sydney, Australia

Luis Diez Canseco Núñez

Former President, Court of Justice of the Andean Community,
Lima, Peru

Samuel Granata

Judge, Court of Appeal,
Antwerp, Belgium

Louis T.C. Harms

Former Deputy President, Supreme Court of Appeal,
Bloemfontein, South Africa

Maria Rowena Modesto-San Pedro

Presiding Judge, Regional Trial Court,
Manila, Philippines

Wang Yanfang

Judge, Intellectual Property Trial Division of the Supreme People’s Court of China,
Beijing, China

Contributers (Pilot countries)

Fernando Zapata López

Lawyer and University Professor, Colombia

Ángel Galgo Peco

Presiding Judge, Chamber No. 28, specialized in Commercial Matters, Court of Appeal, Madrid, Spain

Miguel Esteban Pérez

IP Professor and Arbitrator, Santiago, Chile