Bridging the IP Knowledge Gap

A wide range of capacity building services are offered to support the acquisition of fundamental IP knowledge to bridge policy gaps in the education sector and to prepare rising inventors and creators of intellectual property starting at primary school.

Education policy makers that recognize the potential of young generations as promising inventors, creative work producers and important consumers of intellectual property (IP) products need to claim basic IP knowledge and a fundamental understanding of IP law. An appreciation for the IP knowledge and education needs of youth and teachers will facilitate accelerated nurture and development of youth IP skills.

WIPO Academy offers policy-level support services to meet IP education needs and challenges of developing, least-developed and transitional countries.

Education policy makers will particularly benefit from the Intellectual Property Impact Certificate course (IPCC). Registering their interest in the IP Round Table Series will increase their exposure to the experience of other countries and prepare them to plan and seek customization support for IP education tools for youth and teachers.