The Youth Corner provides age-appropriate learning resources and methods that can be accessed by youth including with the guidance of a teacher or educational professional.

A quick glimpse at basic concepts of IP is likely to demystify any misconceptions that this is a subject for lawyers or sophisticated intellectuals. Anybody who is interested in creating, inventing, and generating an income from creative works can learn how to use IP systems and youth are invited to try out the tools designed for their practical experimentation and knowledge development.

Why should I join?

The Youth Corner offers free and self-paced learning modules that foster learner engagement, education and creativity through youth-relatable situations, scenarios and games.

The learning modules are:

  • Interactive
  • Immersive
  • Scenario-based
  • Game-oriented

What will I learn?

The Youth Corner is conceived for youth and facilitates the introduction of IP concepts, such as:


Copyright allows you to protect the hard work, imagination, and originality that went into your new creation.


You can use a patent to protect your idea of a solution or invention, like a phone, a candy dispenser or a bicycle.


Trademarks are names or signs that you can use to remember which brand of shoes or cereal you like. You can make them when you want other people to recognize you and your creative work.