Capacity Building & Advisory

Any policy maker interested in developing a national educational program on any or all IP concepts must take into account a country’s needs, interests, and targets and prepare for skillful decision-making. In support of this process, the WIPO Academy offers guidance and expertise to justify the benefits of IP education for business case development.

WIPO Academy distance learning programs, trainings and courses facilitate a bridge between policy makers, educational practitioners and professionals by assuring a level understanding about the fundamentals of intellectual property and intellectual property law. They prepare the ground for supporting skills nurture and enhancement of school age children.

Distance learning offerings such as the Primer on Intellectual Property (DL-001) provides knowledge about the fundamental aspects of IP while an in-depth overview of the fundamentals of IP law are offered through DL-101 General Course on Intellectual Property, a precursor for advanced study on specific areas of IP law offered in six UN languages and Portuguese. Both courses are offered free of charge to any motivated learner.

Live lectures and video seminars prepared by IP and innovation experts stimulate participant engagement and provide teachers who excel in the online learning component with further practical and hands on knowledge. The lectures facilitate a virtual space for peer collaboration, networking and interaction.