IP Education and Creativity

Today, there are over 1.2 billion young people in the world. They are a positive force for development and are able to thrive when provided with requisite knowledge and opportunities.

Youth are the innovators, creators and entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Young people in all regions are driving change and carving pathways towards a better future and they are using their creativity and ingenuity for that purpose. Yet, the needs, concerns, endeavors and further development of young inventors, creators and entrepreneurs are not sufficiently addressed.

The rise of digital technology has granted students and educators innovative ways of interacting, learning, creating, and sharing their creations. Today youth are digital natives and they have the potential and versatile advantage over senior digital immigrants. Nevertheless, they produce best when they work in partnership with the support of senior role models who guide and coach them through required steps to create and invent using IP systems.

Our IP education activities for youth are designed for maximum impact and for a world where creativity and IP education for youth everywhere is supported for the good of everyone.