Roundtable Series on International Copyright Education for the Youth (RICE)


The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Academy and the United States Copyright Office (USCO) launched a Roundtable Series in 2021, the first of its kind.

The Roundtable Series is a specialized and tailored program for government officials, education policymakers, and educators from around the world with an opportunity to share and discuss strategies, good and best practices for educating youth on IP and creativity and seeks to strengthen collaborative networks among participants and across regions.

Acting as an international forum, the Roundtable Series highlights country-level success stories, challenges, strategies, and good practices. It also offers opportunities for international networking and collaboration among intellectual property youth educators covering varying age groups.


The Roundtable activities are conducted through multiple formats to explore international intellectual property education issues.

  • Information-sharing sessions between country representatives encourage conversations that highlight successful strategies, challenges and develop problem-solving methods.
  • Topical sessions focus on specific educational approaches and their application to intellectual property.
  • Facilitation discussions in small groups and wrap-up findings bookend the sessions.

Main Takeaways

The main Roundtable Series takeaways:

  • A unique opportunity to develop relationships, connections and collaboration opportunities among curricula developers and educators internationally
  • A forum for countries to share practices, challenges and strategies for teaching youth and integrating IP in primary and secondary education
  • A network of policy makers and future change makers
  • A program designed to spark thought-provoking questions and solutions though a structured interactive format