IP Youth Ambassadors

The IP Youth Ambassadors Program is an international awards program that recognizes young, innovative, energetic and creative minds for their substantial contribution to creativity and innovation.

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Academy launched the IP Youth Ambassadors Program in 2019. It is aimed at young promising creators, inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs to help promote IP knowledge among youths through creativity and inventiveness.

To spark creativity, ingenuity and curiosity among youths worldwide, we promote and deliver IP knowledge to youths, allowing them to make a positive impact in their communities.

The IP Youth Ambassadors Program aims to

  • recognize young promising creators, inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs for their substantial impact on finding solutions to current challenges;
  • encourage these young creators, inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs in their other inventive and creative pursuits;
  • engage young people involved in creative processes to leverage IP for the benefit of their communities;
  • promote the use of IP among young people together with national and regional actors through IP education; and
  • develop a community of young IP leaders and advocates.

IP Youth Ambassadors receive a WIPO Certificate of recognition and take part in...

  • IP training at basic and advanced levels;
  • leadership, public speaking and advocacy workshops;
  • personalized and tailored support, coaching, mentoring and skill-building activities;
  • national, regional and international IP awareness-raising events and representational opportunities; and
  • a growing and dedicated community network of WIPO IP Youth Ambassadors.

In 2020, the Academy launched the IP Youth Ambassadors program as part of the IP4Youth&Teachers where young promising creators and inventors are selected to help promote IP education among young people in their country and region.

The criteria for an IP Youth Ambassador are:

  • Between 6 – 26 years of age
  • Created or invented something that is recognized at the national level (possibly a winner of some national competition etc.), or has a start-up / SME and used IP to help them in the process of launching their enterprise
  • Aware user of the IP system (in general – not in specific details and does not have to be of a legal background)
  • Role model material for other young creators and inventors.

2022 IP Youth Ambassador from Oman

Neeam is WIPO’s first IP Youth Ambassador for Oman and is first to hold the title in the Arab Region. She is committed to promoting IP education among young people through WIPO Academy’s IP4 Youth and Teachers service.

Neeam, at the age of 14, invented a new type of bioplastic using natural elements such as rice water and fish scales available in Oman. Neeam’s bioplastic innovation won first place in the “Cognitive Development Competition” that was held as part of Oman’s Science Festival in 2019. She was encouraged to enter the competition by her physics teacher Ms. T. Dhikra Al Harrasi, at Al Rustaq School in Muscat. She learned about the importance of protecting her intellectual property (IP) during the competition, which inspired her new passion for innovation and IP. Since then, she has filed a patent for her bioplastics innovation with the Intellectual Property Department of Oman. She hopes that her invention can be used in different parts of the world.

The best part about innovating at school is working in a group, because it breeds innovative ideas since each group member has a different way of thinking.

Neeam Al HarrasiOmani Inventor

2021 IP Youth Ambassadors from Georgia

WIPO Academy awarded the 2021 IP Youth Ambassadorship for Georgia to 15-year-old Salome Tateshvili, her 17-year-old cousin Tamari Tateshvili, and their 18-year-old friend Saba Zedginidze - three teenagers at the First Public School of Akhaltsikhe for coming up with GoGeoGo - a mobile application to help tourists navigate the transport system - an idea to revolutionize tourism in their native Samtskhe-Javakheti region in Georgia. They promote IP among the youth in their country and in the Central European and Baltic States.

If you have a good idea, don’t give up on it. Start now, write it down and make a plan. People will encourage and discourage you, so you just need to be self-motivated at the end of the day. With access to a computer and internet you can achieve anything.

Tamari Tateshvili Co-founder of GoGeoGo

2021 First Asia Pacific IP Youth Ambassadors (Viet Nam)

DO Trong Minh Duc (18), TRAN Nguyen Khanh An (15), and NGUYEN Hoang Phuc (14), co-inventors of VIHELM, were handed the WIPO Academy IP for Youth Ambassadors certificate and IP educational resources by President Nguyễn Xuân Phúc of Viet Nam on November 29, 2021.

The trio researched and designed VIHELM, a powered air-purifying respirator (PAPR) to protect life against Covid19. It evolved into a battery-powered, lightweight, comfortable, flexible, and affordable product named VIHOOD after they introduced alterations.

VIHELM was inspired by NGUYEN Dinh Nam’s idea to mitigate the limitations of existing protection against Covid19, especially for frontline medical staff and essential workers. Nam is an engineer, (Photo: VIHELM) co-founder, and co-inventor of the product. He drew the young inventors’ attention to intellectual property rights and coached them to file an international patent application under the international Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) in 2021 and to apply for trademark protection.

VIHELM is available to the public under the open-source Creative Commons Attribution-Non Derivative License (CC BY-ND). It won a gold medal and was among the top five designs submitted to the August 2020 iCan competition organized by the Toronto International Society of Innovation and Advanced Skills (TISIAS).

We wanted to do something that could help the world deal with COVID-19, and we hope that VIHELM can be used by those who need it for the greater good.

DO Trong Minh Duc VIHELM co-inventor and Team Leader

Sometimes it is good to take in the negative comments... it can help you grow.

TRAN Nguyen Khanh An VIHELM co-inventor

I feel so lucky that something I worked on for so long came true, it really is a great feeling to see your ideas become a reality, even if you are young and have to deal with those who doubt your ideas.

NGUYEN Hoang Phuc VIHELM co-inventor

2020 IP Youth Ambassador from Peru

WIPO’s first IP Youth Ambassador, Santiago Mena López, helps promote IP education among young people in the Latin American and Caribbean region under WIPO Academy’s IP4Youth&Teachers program. He is Peru’s youngest award-winning author having published his first novel Encogidos (The Shrunken) at age 14.

Creativity is linked to the very essence of human nature. Critical thinking or reflection on more profound issues is impossible without creativity. It is extremely important for human progress.

Santiago Mena López WIPO Academy’s First IP Youth Ambassador, Peru